Koh Tao Resort

Architecture | Design for Island Resort | Location: Koh Tao, Thailand | Area: 11 000m2

Concept for a new 4* resort on a coastal island site of natural beauty.

A hillside site spilling down to the sea, we were tasked with conceptualising a luxury hotel resort that had minimal impact on the natural landscape and protected trees on the location. Taking inspiration from large rocks that roll down to the sea and become a new part of the natural environment, we established a route amid the trees from the hilltop down to the sea, designing 30 villas as pods with private terraces along the way. These pods required small concrete structural cores in the ground, minimising the impact on the environment. The sustainable approach continues with lightweight materials, woven timber skins that merge with the trees and leisure facilities along the sea front that incorporate the same principles. The design celebrates the natural landscape and retains a feeling of the untouched character to the site.

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