Guggenheim Museum

Architecture | Competition for a Museum | Location: Helsinki, Finland | Area: 12 100m2

Competition concept for the Guggenheim Museum in Helsinki.

This competition called for a landmark architectural response to create an iconic form on the shore of the river in Helsinki, extending the leisure space of the riverside and creating an architectural and cultural attraction. A project necessitating a strong architectural presence, our solution was an unbalanced shape that takes inspiration from ships and big containers found near waterways. This creates a strong impact from a distance but intricate details and permeable textures to be discovered from close proximity. A continuous walkway from the ground floor stretches all the way through the exhibition space – filled with filtrated natural light and innovative gallery lighting – leading all the way to an urban park on the roof level. Designed to be quietly iconic, this is a concept that juxtaposes intimate indoor experiences with a celebration of the landscape outside.

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