Fulham Town Hall Hotel

Architecture and Interior | Refurbishment of Listed Building and Hotel Interiors | Location: Fulham, London, UK | Area: 6000m2

Concept for transforming an historic Grade II listed building into a luxury hotel, three restaurants and spa.

This 1888 building was the former heart of the local neighbourhood, so our response was to preserve the community qualities of the main spaces, while emphasising the exceptional pre-existing features of the building. Original grand halls became the setting for the property’s fine dining experiences and venue spaces, which also serve to preserve the public purpose of the building. A complex structure previously extended over three time periods, the project required the careful carving of spaces and circulation routes to incorporate the new public functions and introduce 55 hotel rooms, without compromising the listed building features. Our concept transformed limitations of the building into original internal focal points, in the form of courtyards and artworks. We subsequently supported the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham to win an appeal for the concept, and our design met and exceeded the criteria of both the authorities and our client.

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