NAME architecture is an international architectural practice founded by award-winning architect Nathalie Rozencwajg.

A global practice with strong local connections, NAME architecture has distinctive expertise in culturally significant projects and crafting beautiful solutions that maximise the architectural potential of buildings. Led by Nathalie Rozencwajg – whose AA credentials and RIBA and RICS award-winning work has gained global acclaim – NAME architecture creates one-of-a-kind solutions for every project. Based in London and Paris, NAME architecture is part of the world-leading community of architectural practice.

The people behind NAME architecture are credited with a diversity of highly-acclaimed and iconic architectural solutions. These include the Arctic Resort in Lapland, shopping malls including CentralFestival EastVille in Bangkok, restaurants including Porte 12, Viajante and Londrino, and educational centres including the Disaster Prevention and Education Centre in Istanbul. With expertise in reconceptualising listed buildings, we’ve also achieved acclaim for east London’s Town Hall Hotel and a hotel design for the old Town Hall in Fulham. Residentially, we have designed the high-end VI Castle Lane apartments in London’s Westminster conservation area and emblematic rooftop apartments in an historical Shoreditch building. We’re currently working on a large mixed-use hotel, residence and office project at a major transport hub on the outskirts of Paris.

Our team is also regularly invited to participate in prestigious architectural competitions, including for London’s esteemed Hurlingham Club, the Dorchester County Museum and the Kaunas Concert Centre in Lithuania.


A name is an important act of creation. Naming is just the beginning of crafting a new identity, meaning and presence. Our philosophy at NAME architecture is to approach every project as a novel act of creation. We bring expertise, vision and creative input, working collaboratively to help our clients shape their ideas into reality.


We create one-of-a-kind concepts for every project. From complex or culturally significant buildings to distinctive solutions for the residential and hospitality sectors, our tailored response results in exceptional end-products that mark the creation of a new era.


We believe in leveraging the innovation potential of collaboration through combined expertise and ideas. For each project, we form bespoke collaborations with a trusted network of experts to enrich our work. From conservation specialists to uncover the stories of historic buildings, to product designers with niche areas of expertise, we coordinate creative input from multiple sources. Our collaborative approach means we listen, challenge and constantly re-evaluate, making every project genuinely original, striking and meticulously conceptualised.



Our awards, accolades and expertise speak for themselves. Clients come to us for a consistent and reliable approach rooted in our credentials, but without losing the spark of creativity that turns a good project into something exceptional, iconic and distinctive. Through our links with the AA and our participation in globally renowned design events, we remain at the forefront of architectural innovation too.

Local and global vision

As a London and Paris based architecture practice with a global mindset, we bring country-specific knowledge together with our design ideas. Whether it’s creating rapport with local planning offices or finding context-specific contributors for our local research, our international experience and multicultural approach adds true value to our projects. In particular, we regularly work in London, Paris and across Europe and Asia.  

All-encompassing creativity

We have the in-house expertise to offer interior design services in addition to architectural solutions. Our distinctive expertise across both architecture and interiors helps us craft the very best solution for each individual project. We’re also known for our unique approach to design which blends innovation with functionality, enables space efficiency and creates more opportunities for revenue generation for our clients.